Finals, AGGHHHH!!!!

As you can tell by the title and the time of year, finals are coming up. At least for me and the people in my area.

I’m trying my best not to have a mntal breakdown right now. No, my job and school work are not beginning to be too much for me. I is just that time of year when all of the teachers start giving us projects, lots of tests and quizes, study guides, and stress. My birthday is also coming up and it just so happens that I will have two finials on that day, but at least that day is a half day so it won’t be so bad (hopefully).

All the teachers are preparing us for finals, which means we’ll be getting tons of study guides. I’ve already gotten my chemistry study guide. Speaking of chemistry, my teacher decided to give us a project two weeks before the break. We are to figure out how to make a coloimeter and use it to conduct a series of experiments. He wants us to 3D print the parts and figure out how to wire the coloimeter without electricuting ourselves. We also have to do a ton of math, spreadsheets, and a lecture explaining our process of making and executing our plans. This is all due in three class periods (16 days inluding weekends). I just sent my teacher a super long paragraph asking how we are supposed to finish all of this in that amount of time, because one of the sections gets a whole day for their presetations, so that will be a class period where we don’t get to work on the project.

My math teacher has been giving us tests every class period. He says, “It’s the seaso of giving, so I’m givig you another test.” My lowest grade is in that class (I have an 85 as of now). I hope I do really good on his test. He says he’s gonna give us a study guide we can work on for the last few classes until the final.

My lnguage arts class is the only most normal class right now. My teacher isn’t giving us a ton of work, just the usual. We do have the performance final (writting an essay, probably) on Fridayfor class happens to land on my birthday, but I don’t think it will take up the entire class.

My world history final is also on my birthday and I don’t think that on will take up the entire class period either. I just got a 100 on one of our test and I always do pretty good on his test, so I think I’ll do fine.

I’m not sure if we are going to have a test in my technology test and if we do it won’t take up the entire class period.

I know we are going to have tests in Spanish, because my teacher aleays gives us tests and she said that’s what we’ll be doing the rest of the semester.

On the last day I’m gonna have my writer’s worshop final. That day we also have the chemistry class where we have the project we only have 3 class periods to finish.

So, the only thing that helps me relax and keep my mind of of school and all the stress attached to it is my job, which is probably kind of weird. Ipersonally find it relaxing to talk to people that I normally would never talk to. I also feel like when I stay at home I don’t acommplish anything and I just get depressed because of it.

I bough a film camera a few weeks ago and I haven’t gotten the oportunity to try it out, so I’m hoping I can get to use it on Thursday, which is the only day this week I don’t have anything planned for.

The Shopping Cart

Feeling like I was being looked at, I looked up.

There he was.

I’d noticed him looking at me earlier, but had made nothing of it. I wasn’t a hot babe or anythig of the sort.

I was walking home, after a long day at work, and stuggling with my grocery bags.

Walking by a church , I saw just what I needed. A shopping cart. I walked over to it and put my groceries in it, then continued walking.

The sun had begun to set by the time I was halfway home. It was one of those sunsets that when you look to the right side of the sky it’s a pinky purple color and when you look the the left it’s orange with yellow streaks.

I heared a voice whisper in my ear, “You’re being followed.” Immediatly I looked to the right.

There he was again. Across the street at a bus stop. Looking right at me.

I kept walking, a little bit faster this ime.

Then I felt it. That same feeling I’s had earlier today. Looking up again, there he was. Staring not even bothering to blink.

I walked and walked. When I finally got to my apartments, I hid behind the sign. Looking aound it, I saw him. He wasn’t moving. I continued to my house.

I’d almost gotten there when I heard a cough. I kept walking, but the cough follwed me. I looked up and nothing. No one was anywhere to be seen, so I continued.

And so did the coughs.

Then they stopped, right when I’d gotten home. I took my groceries out and when I looked back, the cart was gone.

I looked around the corner and there he was. Running off with the shopping cart.

Hey so this super short story is dedicated to a lady that came into the store earlier this week. She told us a story that somewhat resembles this one and I decided to switch it around a little.

The First Week of my First Job

My first week working was quite eventful. I was very nervous and excited at the same time.

Tuesday was my first day. I learned how to take people’s phone bill payments. My manager taught me a bit about what we are supposed to do at the store. My boss was also there. They told me I had to learn the price of all the phones and the promotions we’d be offereing. I had a pretty hard time learning the prices, but now I know a lot of them. I learned the cheapest phones first actually which is kinda funny.

That same day this guy, maybe 14 years old, came in andasked for a phone charger. I told him the price of the one my manager told me to offer, which was 25 dollars and change. He only had 20 dollars though, so he had to go to the car and ask his dad for some more money. His dad started screaming, “I don’t have 6 dollars to give you,” at him. I was very startledd at the way did dad started screaming at him right on the street. When he came back, my manager told him she had another charger that was cheaper and got one from the back that wasn’t in the system yet. Of all the people that came in that day, that really stuck with me.

On Wednesday, I went into work and it was kinda slow at first. I mostly just took a lot of payments, because that was the only thing I knew how to do. My manager was taking this lady’s payment and when she was finished the lady turned to leave. The thing was, when she turned to leave, she walked a few steps and just tripped. All of her things went everywhere. We all went over to her to ask if she was ok. My boss put one of the lens of her glasses back in, because it had fallen out of its place. We asked once again if she was ok and she said, “Yeah”. Apparently her sandals had gotten stuck and she tripped (this is the main reason I don’t wear sandals out of the house).

On Friday, I did lot of different things. I went in an hour earlier, because my boss called me asking if I could come in a bit earlier. At the time I didn’t know, but the girl who had sold me my phone, on Saturday, had quit earlier. I just assumed he thought there would be a lot of people, because it was Black Friday.

That day I took payments and activated my first phone along with another 3. My boss said that he would buy a phone for himself if no one came in in the next hour. However, an hour later we got kinda busy. My boss was with a customer and this guy came in. He said he wanted to change his phone, because the one he had had broken. I showed him the different phones we had in stock and he choses the one he wanted. I asked my boss to make the quote for me, because I didn’t want to mess it up. Which wasn’t much help, because he made the quote for the J3 Prime instead of the J7 Prime. So I tell the guy that price and the total was about 125, but the price for the phone he wanted was about 150. So I had to tell him I’d messed up a bit and it was 25 dollars more. He was very nice about it, but his little brother wasn’t, he kept saying, “You know she doesn’t know what she’s doing right?” Which was true for the most part, but he didn’t have to be rude about it. My boss helped me activate his phone, I put all the information in the account. My hands were shaking so bad, because I didnt want to make a mistake.

When I finally finished activating his phone, given him his receipt, and the bag that had the charger and headphones he’d bought, he stayed. I was so confused and then he just started flirting with me. He asked if I had just started working there (to which I answered yes). Then he asked what time I got out, when I said I wasn’t supposed to tell him, he asked if I was single or not or if it was complicated. I just stayed quiet and went about fixing the stapler (yes the stapler, I was that nervous). He just looked at me with these cute eyes like “please don’t leave me hanging” and “I’m not leaving without at least an answer to one of these questions” So I gave in and just told him I was single and I got out at the time the store closed, but that someone picked me up (which is all true).

He said “Ok”, nodded his head, said to have a goodnight and then left.

I’m not gonna lie, I liked the attention. I never get that sort of attention. It’s just like my guy friends being funny and fake flirting with me. The guy wasn’t old either, he was just 2 years older (birthdate is on the account), so he wasn’t some creepy old guy. He was also most definitely looking at me and not my chest. I only say this, because this other guy came in the next day and was just staring at my chest. I felt so uncomfortable and went into the office like I needed to get something. My manager was activating his phone, so I kinda just waited until she was finished which was like 2 minutes later, because she’s a pro. I wasn’t showing any cleavage too, I was wearing a t-shirt on with my loose sweater over it.

When the guy was flirting I was even more nervous because my boss was only like 2 feet away and I didn’t want him saying something about it. Which he didn’t, all he said he seemed like a decent guy.

On Saturday, I was at the store for 10 hours. There were quite a lot of people that went in that day. We ordered some food around 12. I only ate some of it in case I got hungry later. Then we went back to work. I took some payments, but mostly activated phones. I sold about 5 on my own that day. I was standing for almost 10 hours straight so, my feet were killing me by the end of the day.

On Sunday, it was kind of slow. It was mostly just payments and a few activations here and there thoughout the day.

That was my first week working. I learned a lot of stuff. I can remember the prices and names for most phones. I’ve enjoying working there so far.

In the whole week, I only had two difficult customers. This guy came in to pay his phone bill. He told me a phone number and I typed it in, but that wasn’t it, so I asked for the number again. He gave me a different number than the one before and it still wasn’t it, so he was getting irritated. He looked up the number on his phone and it was completely different than the last two he’d given me.

There was also this lady, she was trying to get a free case and headphones without buying a phone (which was the promotion they had had about 2 months ago, when you bought a phone).

My manager said I’m going very good. She said I learn very quickly, but I need to be a bit more confident and smile to the customers a bit more. I will be posting about a story this lady came in and told us (my manager and I)


I got a job!!!

I’m pretty excited. I’ve actually been wanting to get a job for about a month even somewhat spoke to my mom about it, but hadn’t actually gone out and looked for a job.

So my phone had been acting up for almost two months now;. It would power off it it got too overwhelmed, it wouldn’t call people when I needed to make a call, messages weren’t sending, I was getting messages I had gotten weeks back again, and all sorts of random stuff. We had to look for an address on Saturday and my phone decided to freeze up right when we got to an area we don’t know very well, luckily I recognized one of the roads and told my mom to go that way. By that time my phone unfroze, but that wasn’t the end of it. We went into an area were there are only one way streets (and the “One Way” street signs are covered up by branches!!!). Of course that’s when my phone powers off and we have to pull over to get it working again. We got to were we needed to go after a few minutes and then started heading home. We were almost home, but decided to get something to eat. While we were eating my mom said, “We’re definitely getting you a new phone.” And I didn’t say “no” to that. So, we went to the phone store that was on our way home.

When we got there this very nice lady helped us. She was activating my phone and then my mom says, “I see you are hiring. ” The lady says “yes, we are” and then calls her manger over asking about the work hours. Before I know it he’s telling me to come on Monday to discuss my work schedule. No resume was asked for or an interview. I was pretty surprised, it all just happened so quickly.

Today I went in and we decided my work schedule. It isn’t many hours. I’ll be going for 4 hours three school days, Saturday and part-time Sunday. There aren’t many people that go into the store so the manager said that as long as I had finished doing my things and there weren’t any customers that needed help I could do some homework.

I’ll probably do another post in a few weeks to share my experience so far.

I also had this idea that I will do a bimonthly post that is a Mad Libs related to something going on in my life. The first one is right below and if you would like to try it out for you self you can click here.

Orange Chiffon Cake

This recipe is quite easy and very delicious. I first found this recipe while looking for something to bake for a social studies class a few years back. Whenever we finished learning about a certain area we had a day when we would bring in a food from one of the places. I chose Bangladesh and this was one of the recipes I found from there. The cake is soft and very tasty. I’ve made this cake for a wide variety of ocassions. I’ve made it a few times for family gatherings and twice for a birthday. The day of the food presentation one of my friends saw my cake and said that it looked very good and to save some for her. Fortunatly, my cake was a success, my classmates and teachers all loved the cake. One of my teachers even said it reminded her of a cake her grandmother used to make and no one knew the recpe to. Unfortunatley for my friend she didn’t get any that day, but I did make her that cake for her birthday last year and she definetly remembered that cake.

I also made it when I went to my grandparents house. We had gone to visit my great uncle and he happened to have an orange tree. We asked him if we could have some oranges and he happily let us take some. The cake ended up being very good, probably because of the freshly cut oranges.

To make a 10 inch (in diameter) cake you will need:

  • 7 egg whites
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 2 and 1/2 cups of Self-Rising flour
  • 1 and 1/4 cups of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 cup of oil
  • 1/2 teaspoons of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of orange zest
  • 3/4 cups of orange juice
  • Confectioners sugar

Once you have collected all of your ingredients you can begin baking your cake.

  1. Seperate the egg whites and yolks, placing them in sepeate bowls. Cover both of the bowls and set them aside at room temperature.
  2. Have a 10 inch pan two piece tube pan and grease it. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Farenheit.
  3. Place the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and orange zest in a big bowl and beat with an electric mixer at low speed until they are all combined. Then make a well in the center of the four mxture, add the egg yolks, oil, and orange juice annd beat until a smooth batter forms.
  4. Now take the bowl where you kept the egg whites and whisk them with the electric mixer. In the middle of the whisking add 1/4 cup of sugar and continue to whisk until it the egg whites becom stiff. Then with aa large spatula gently fld thhe egg whites into the batter jst until it’s blended. Pour the batter into the greased pan and place it in the middle rack of yur pre-heated oven.
  5. Bake the cake for about 55 to 60 minutes. When the cake is done take it out of the oven. Once the cake has cooled run the spatula around the inside of the pan.

You can decorate the cake by spinkling confectioners sugar on the top. It is better to do this when you are about to eat the cake or the sugar wil melt and stick to the cake.

Fall, Autumn, Harvest Season, Whatever You Want to Call it

Autumn didn’t start Friday, September 22 this year, no it started like the past few years.

Autumn now starts when Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and all the other coffee shops start selling Pumpkin Spice everythings.

Pumpkin Spice: lattes, donuts, cereal, cookies, ice cream, tea, butter, oatmeal, and dog treats. Yes, Pumpkin Spice dog treats.

I don’t hear anyone talking about the crunchy leaves, hot drinks (that aren’t Pumpkin Spice), fresh breezes, rosy cheeks, cozy sweatshirts, hoodies, and socks (oh the socks, they really are the best), Thanksgiving Break, or the festive season. All I hear is “Pumpkin Spice this” and “Pumpkin Spice that.”

Tone it down with the Pumpkin Spice!

But in all seriousness Autumn is a very nice time of year. It’s not flaming hot or humid. Those days that are fresh and the sun is out, just enough to warm you (but not burn you), are the best.

The leafs going from green to orange, yellow, red, and brown are so beautiful. The leafs falling are very pretty. That is if it isn’t you having to rake them.

Fall is the best season of them all. It isn’t too cold, too hot, or humid.

Photo by: Aaron Burden

Sadness In Times Of Happiness

Sometimes I feel like everytime I’m genuinly happier than I would normally be, something bad happens. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt that way, but it makes you not want to be happy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have good days. I just feel that sometimes when something makes me happy and excited in a way that only few things ever do something happens to me or around me.

About two years ago I was having a great month, I was doing great on my tests, there were only a few weeks until summer break, we had just comeback from a school trip to the beach and it seemed like it was going to be the best end of the year there had been in a while. Well, a week or so later one of my closest friends tried to harm herself and that year was imediatly turned arond. It seemed to me that whenever was happy something had to come and ruin it. I spend the rest of the year really quite and didn’t want to do anything that could make me happy, because I was so scared that if I was something else could happen. I really do regret doing and thinking that. I missed the oportunity to spend time with my other friends.

Once in a while I’ll feel that way, but I try to remember that I can’t be scared of having fun and being happy or excited.

I know that it’s, because we always notice and focus on all the bad things that happen around us. So, naturally when we are happiest and something it’s the worst feeling we can ever feel.

We have to experience bad times to appreciate the good times. Bad times are there to remind us how much we should appreciate the people, opportunities, and things we have.

Image by: Alex Iby





a strong feeling of support or allegiance.

Loyalty is very important to all of us. It is something money can’t buy. Many people would prefer loyalty over any expensive objects as it’s what keeps most of us going. We all need someone to be there for us and support our ideas, no matter how crazy they may be sometimes. We need someone we can count on.

Many people, mostly dog lovers, would say that dogs are the most loyal creatures there are on this planet. I would say that they are far more loyal than anyone else. They learn to love us in such a short amount of time and they’ll do anything to make us smile.

Loyalty, we all want it.

I’m Going to Japan!!!

So as you can see from the title, I’m going to Japan. I’ll be staying there a week, during my spring break. It’s a school field trip for some people that were selected. We are going to Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Odawara, and Kyoto. I’m pretty excited, although I feel like my friends and family are way more excited than I am. They always ask me how much time is left before I go, which as of now (October 15, 2017) is a little over five months.

I really didn’t think I was going to go, because there had been a meeting around this time last year and my mom hadn’t said anything about me going or not, so I just assumed she had decided I wasn’t going to go. However, the day of my birthday (in December) we had a party and they gave me a folder. When I opened it the reservation was there, at first I was kinda confused, but then I got pretty excited. All of my cousins thought it was a joke or something, but it wasn’t and they all started telling me to bring them back souvenirs or something nice. One of my friends got super excited, because she really loves Japan and one of her favorite artists (Mafumafu) is from there.

We are having monthly meetings so we get to know the group that will be going. There are about twenty five people going, including chaperones. There will be other schools going along with us, so it will be an even larger group than just the twenty five of us. I’m actually not sure how many people are going all together.

We were each assigned a different place that we are going to. We have to do a short presentation about the place, so we have a bit of background knowledge on it. My first presentation, which is next month, in November, is about Owakudani. I actually finished my presentation earlier today, so I wouldn’t have to stress about doing it last minute. I’ll leave the presentation down below if you guys want to go check that out. I’ll probably upload the different presentations I do until we go to Japan. Then I’ll do a post for each of the cities we visit with some pictures and information about the place, what I saw, and what I thought about it.


Book Review: The Anatomical Shape of A Heart

Beatrix Adams and Jack Vincent meet at the beginning of the summer before their Senior year at high school. She sees him at the bus stop for The Owl. It’s almost midnight and Bex is on her way home after just being stood up by Dr. Denise Sheridan, the head of the anatomy lab. Jack is on his way to The Botanical Garden. They started talking on the bus, but when Jack is about to get off the bus, a golden color spray paint can rolls out of his backpack.

The same color paint in which 5 different graffiti words have appeared around the city of San Francisco. Suddenly, she knows exactly who Jack is. The next day Ms. Lopez, her boss at the Alto Market, told her about the new word that had appeared at The Botanical Garden, “Bloom.”

She’s on her way to the university a few days later for her interview to draw the cadavers in the Willed Bodies Lab for a competition that can get her the money she needs for college. She bumps into Jack and he asks for a way to contact her. She gives him the name of a blog, Body-O-Rama, where she posts some of her artwork.

The day of her birthday, Bex and her family go to the museum where a Max Brödel diagram of a heart would be in display. She hears a commotion coming from the exhibit. She manages to get into the exhibit and sees “CELEBRATE” written in great golden letters on the wall beneath the heart diagram.

Jack manages to get Bex the opportunity to draw the cadavers in the Willed Bodies Lab. They start hanging out and admit that they have feelings for each other. They spend the whole summer being happy together, but when Bex doesn’t come home one night after staying over at Jacks house, her mom confronts her. She doesn’t like that Bex disobeyed her and went on to draw the cadavers for the competition instead of drawing from textbook sketches. She tells her that if she ever has any sort of contact with Jack she will tell the police about Jack’s graffiti. However, she lets Bex finish her drawings, but when she goes back to the lab, the body she had been drawing has been cremated and she can’t start from zero and finish in time to enter the competition. So, she has no other choice than to contact Jack and ask for his help.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were quite interesting, there was something to like and dislike about most of them, they aren’t all described to be perfect. There was a bit of mystery and suspense throughout the book, but not only that. There was also a very cute romance between two people that may have not happened, had it not been for Bex being stood up for her interview and missed the ‘normal’ bus. They are both misunderstood artists. Jack is illegally graffiting walls and being looked for by the police, while Bex wants to draw bodies for textbooks for a living.

My two most favorite characters are Noah and Ms. Lopez. I really like Noah, because he makes Heath, Bex’s older brother a better person. He gets him to go back to college to pursue is dream of being a veterinarian, but he also likes to have fun at the same time. I also really like Ms. Lopez, because she seems like a really cool boss and friend. She supports Bex and encourages her to keep trying to get into the Willed Body Program. She really cares about Bex and isn’t like one of those horrible bosses you read about, see on TV, or know.

I really do recommend this book for anyone that wants to read a cute romantic story about two teenagers. This book is classified as Young Adult fiction. Most book review sites have the book recommended for ages 12 and up. I would say that anyone 14 or older can read this book, based on the content which includes: alcohol, sex, and language.

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart was written by Jenn Bennett. It was published by Feiwel and Friends in New York, in 2015. There are both physical and e-book versions of the book. The hardcover copy, which is the one I read, has 304 pages. You can buy it on Amazon.