Sadness In Times Of Happiness

Sometimes I feel like everytime I’m genuinly happier than I would normally be, something bad happens. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt that way, but it makes you not want to be happy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have good days. I just feel that sometimes when something makes me happy and excited in a way that only few things ever do something happens to me or around me.

About two years ago I was having a great month, I was doing great on my tests, there were only a few weeks until summer break, we had just comeback from a school trip to the beach and it seemed like it was going to be the best end of the year there had been in a while. Well, a week or so later one of my closest friends tried to harm herself and that year was imediatly turned arond. It seemed to me that whenever was happy something had to come and ruin it. I spend the rest of the year really quite and didn’t want to do anything that could make me happy, because I was so scared that if I was something else could happen. I really do regret doing and thinking that. I missed the oportunity to spend time with my other friends.

Once in a while I’ll feel that way, but I try to remember that I can’t be scared of having fun and being happy or excited.

I know that it’s, because we always notice and focus on all the bad things that happen around us. So, naturally when we are happiest and something it’s the worst feeling we can ever feel.

We have to experience bad times to appreciate the good times. Bad times are there to remind us how much we should appreciate the people, opportunities, and things we have.

Image by: Alex Iby

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