Fall, Autumn, Harvest Season, Whatever You Want to Call it

Autumn didn’t start Friday, September 22 this year, no it started like the past few years.

Autumn now starts when Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and all the other coffee shops start selling Pumpkin Spice everythings.

Pumpkin Spice: lattes, donuts, cereal, cookies, ice cream, tea, butter, oatmeal, and dog treats. Yes, Pumpkin Spice dog treats.

I don’t hear anyone talking about the crunchy leaves, hot drinks (that aren’t Pumpkin Spice), fresh breezes, rosy cheeks, cozy sweatshirts, hoodies, and socks (oh the socks, they really are the best), Thanksgiving Break, or the festive season. All I hear is “Pumpkin Spice this” and “Pumpkin Spice that.”

Tone it down with the Pumpkin Spice!

But in all seriousness Autumn is a very nice time of year. It’s not flaming hot or humid. Those days that are fresh and the sun is out, just enough to warm you (but not burn you), are the best.

The leafs going from green to orange, yellow, red, and brown are so beautiful. The leafs falling are very pretty. That is if it isn’t you having to rake them.

Fall is the best season of them all. It isn’t too cold, too hot, or humid.

Photo by: Aaron Burden

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