The Shopping Cart

Feeling like I was being looked at, I looked up.

There he was.

I’d noticed him looking at me earlier, but had made nothing of it. I wasn’t a hot babe or anythig of the sort.

I was walking home, after a long day at work, and stuggling with my grocery bags.

Walking by a church , I saw just what I needed. A shopping cart. I walked over to it and put my groceries in it, then continued walking.

The sun had begun to set by the time I was halfway home. It was one of those sunsets that when you look to the right side of the sky it’s a pinky purple color and when you look the the left it’s orange with yellow streaks.

I heared a voice whisper in my ear, “You’re being followed.” Immediatly I looked to the right.

There he was again. Across the street at a bus stop. Looking right at me.

I kept walking, a little bit faster this ime.

Then I felt it. That same feeling I’s had earlier today. Looking up again, there he was. Staring not even bothering to blink.

I walked and walked. When I finally got to my apartments, I hid behind the sign. Looking aound it, I saw him. He wasn’t moving. I continued to my house.

I’d almost gotten there when I heard a cough. I kept walking, but the cough follwed me. I looked up and nothing. No one was anywhere to be seen, so I continued.

And so did the coughs.

Then they stopped, right when I’d gotten home. I took my groceries out and when I looked back, the cart was gone.

I looked around the corner and there he was. Running off with the shopping cart.

Hey so this super short story is dedicated to a lady that came into the store earlier this week. She told us a story that somewhat resembles this one and I decided to switch it around a little.

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