This is a blog that will include a lot of different topics. At least until I find out what I like posting about the most and what you guys and gals enjoy the most. (BTW I just found out that the ‘f’ on my actual keyboard isn’t working. On-screen keyboard woop woop!!)

I’m a sophomore in high school. I’d rather keep my identity a secret, but I promise I’m a sophomore in high school. I’ll probably reveal who I am after a while. I don’t feel too comfortable at the moment knowing people can easily find what I’m writing, in a matter of seconds, just by Googling my name.

I just recently got interested in blogging. I’m not exactly sure why the idea to start a blog even entered my head. That’s also kind of why I will be writing about different things. I’d rather just start the blog and not have a specific topic than just dwell about what my topic could be, never start a blog, and then think about how it was another thing that I didn’t do.

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